At long last, Gabriel Agbonlahor has finally made public his retirement from football in an announcement that was sadly a long time coming.

For years he lit up the Premier League and indeed Villa Park but, unfortunately, his body caught up with him in recent years as he slowly deteriorated in terms of goals and playing minutes.

It will still be a sad thing for Villa fans to see as Gabby’s commitment to the club he loved since he was a boy was never put into question. Where does he rank though in terms of Villa’s Premier League strikers? Is he the best? Or was there someone who topped him in your opinion?

One thing’s for sure, you will be sorely missed Gabby!

Vote for your favourite Villa striker in our duel below.

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Christian Benteke

Juan Pablo Angel

Darius Vassell

John Carew

Dwight Yorke

Julian Joachim

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Milan Baros

Dion Dublin


  Dwight Yorke 83%
  Christian Benteke 64%
  John Carew 52%
  Juan Pablo Angel 49%
  Dion Dublin 45%
  Gabriel Agbonlahor 38%
  Milan Baros 20%
  Darius Vassell 12%
  Julian Joachim 7%