Footballers are diversifying their brand beyond the game and often take an interest in fashion, as the appeal of aesthetic clothing for teenagers and young adults is high.

Kortney Hause is no stranger to showing of his style on Instagram and recently put pictures up on his story with a new look, but he’s not the only one. Ezri Konsa has shown off some NAYR Project drip on his own Instagram, potentially promoting the brand as an influencer.  

NAYR Project are an up-and-coming menswear company, so they’ve likely reached out to footballers to post a picture in their attire with their social media handle captioned to boost their reputation. NAYR have West Bromwich Albion’s Karlan Grant and Charlton Athletic’s Albie Morgan among others.

The way it can work is that a brand will use a player’s large following to draw attention to their company, potentially leading to a spike in sales. NAYR are just getting off the ground, so they’re keen to show off the footballers attached to the project to attract greater interest.

The black tracksuit suits Konsa and is something many other players would casually sport.