Aston Villa manager Remi Garde has walked out of his weekly pre-game press conference, after strong questioning from Sky Sports News broadcaster Pete Colley.

The press conference was brought to a halt after Pete Colley pushed Remi Garde on whether what he was told by Villa’s hierarchy was actually true when he joined the club mid-season, to which Villa’s press officer stopped the press conference.

James Clark’s view

Aston Villa is a club in turmoil.

From top to the bottom the club is littered with rotten apples and we’re in desperate need of a clear out. Talk of staff redundancies and restructuring across the club with relegation looming is a clear fear for a lot at the club and it seems that the Press Officer feels that pressure as well after being at the club for no more than a few months.

Pete Colley’s questioning was invasive but wasn’t untoward or wrong, they’re questions that have to be asked. It just seems like we have a lot of people at the club that are trying to save their own skin while Steve Hollis and Mervyn King try to firefight through the mess that Tom Fox has manufactured this season.

Watch the incident here: