Dalian Atkinson’s father has said that his son went into a ‘booze-filled rage’ before police were called, reports The Mirror.

Ernest Atkinson, said his son was ‘very agitated’ and ‘upset’ before West Mercia Police attended the scene.

Speaking to The Mirror his father said: “I don’t know if he was drunk or on drugs but he was very agitated and his mind was upset. The last thing he said to me was ‘don’t move’ when the police came to the door. He was threatening and very upset. I didn’t call the police but someone else did. He got Tasered in the street outside in the road. I didn’t see him but I saw a flash. I haven’t had any sleep and cannot take it in.”

It was also recently revealed that the former Villa forward had a two month spell in hospital before the incident had occurred.

A picture has also been released on social media, with multiple police cars and vans attending the scene.

Local resident Paula Quinn, who took the picture said: “I heard shouting and something smashing, which is what alerted me to look out of the window. I am feeling a bit sick knowing that the poor lad has passed. I don’t care what anybody has done. Nobody deserves to die as a result of something like that.”

Tributes have continued from past players and managers with former Aston Villa manager Ron Atkinson saying: “This is an out-and-out tragedy. He was a really popular player with team-mates. He was a really generous lad – sometimes too generous for his own good – but good lad. He always had a smile on his face and I really like that in a player. He also had terrific ability. I always knew I didn’t need to worry about him in big games.”

Gary Lineker also payed tribute to the Villa striker on twitter earlier.

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