Aston Villa have condemned a chant that was sung by a certain section of fans during the 5-1 win over Norwich City on Saturday.

A video emerged of the chants on social media, with many prominent Villa figures calling on the club to deal with the people involved.

In a statement, Villa said:

Aston Villa is disgusted and appalled by footage circulating on social media of supporters chanting a racist song which makes reference to two of our first team players.

The club wholly condemns the chant and urges other supporters to help us identify those responsible.

Chants of this nature besmirch the good name of Aston Villa Football Club and our fans. If the perpetrators are identified they will be dealt with in the strongest manner by the club and be reported to the Police immediately.

Several fans took to Twitter to voice their disgust at the chants.

Others were disgusted that some “fans” were defending the chant.

Read Aston Villa’s verdict

These chants are disgraceful, and it’s good to see Villa taking action.

Hopefully, they’re banned for life, because this shouldn’t happen in 2019.