This season, Aston Villa has again begun its journey into the Premier League after several years of absence. You can always find out livescore today of matches involving a team within the framework of the sports statistics website, where the necessary information is updated in real time and presented in the most convenient format.

“Villa” rose in the Premier League and immediately began to show itself in the transfer market actively. The team spent more than 100 million euros to sign new players. However, it is still difficult to say that this helps, because, after a third of the distance, the club is in 17th place in the standings, very close to the relegation zone.

Of course, we can say that now the density in the Premier League is incredible, and just a couple of victories could significantly improve the position of the newcomer to the league. Still, the reality is that Villa will most likely have to fight until the end of the season to maintain a residence permit in the elite.

If you look at livescore today, you can see that the team is often out of luck. For example, the same Liverpool lost to Villa until the end of the meeting and only in the last minutes managed to score two goals and pulled out 3 points. This situation is not unique, but the fans of the club are unlikely to be easier on this.

The chances of Aston Villa to maintain a residence in the elite

However, despite the existing problems, the teams are quite capable of gaining a foothold in the elite of English football. Aston Villa has a better selection of artists than direct competitors. Also, in favor of the team, we should mention:

1. The teamwork of football players, many of whom have been interacting since the time the team was in the Championship.

2. Individual skill of leaders who are ways to decide the fate of a single episode in favor of the club.

3. The problem with direct competitors. Teams that are lower in the standings have an even worse defense, and they score points with a big “creak”.

For Aston Villa, it is essential now to maintain a residence in the English Premier League, because it will become a further demonstration that the club is developing in the right direction. The team has wealthy owners, and therefore, if the coach needs reinforcement in the winter, the necessary players will be acquired.

In the second half of the season, the team will not have the right to make a mistake, because, at the finish line, any gained score can play a decisive role. The players themselves understand this, but sometimes they are let down by concentration, or in some episodes, there is a banal lack of skills, which is reflected in the results. But the “Villa” does not have such problems as its competitors; therefore, it is believed quite willingly that it will be able not to fly out.