Aston Villa have employed an independent financial advisor in the coming weeks, in a bid to examine where savings can be made if Villa are to go down this season.

James Nursey of the Daily Mirror is reporting that staff have already been informed of redundancies if Villa are relegated to the Championship and suggestions of even closing down the top half of the Trinity Road Stand as a cost cutting measure could take place.

The financial meltdown comes as Villa very much have a top 10 budget, but have not been seeing that correlate on the pitch.

Aston Villa are currently losing £25m a season, according to accounts supplied to company house, and it could be even worse if we are to be relegated.

With falling attendances, cuts have already been made to staff working in corporate facilities and it seems that stewards working on match days and other staff could follow soon.

It adds a very real and unfortunate reality to Villa’s plight at the moment, one that can really effect the local community socially and economically.