If you’ve ever fallen asleep on the bus and missed your stop then you’ll know you have certain choices to make. You can either get off at the next stop and walk back to where you wanted to go, or, if you’ve gone to far, you have to ride to the end of the line, write the journey off and start again.

This season, Aston Villa have missed their stop and its decision time for Dr Xia and Keith Wyness.

Villa are getting close to the point of no return. If they turn around now, the playoffs and promotion are still with in walking distance but a few more stops and it’s another season written off.

The club cannot afford to write off another season, literally! FFP is starting to bite already and the parachute payments won’t last forever. The longer we are in this league, the harder it is to escape.

The stops are flying by and the longer Steve Bruce sits inert and unable to turn around, the closer we get to another year of nothing.

The board need to step in and get us off this ride to mediocrity. Leave Bruce on the bus and get someone who can walk the players back up the road to success.

The next stop is on the way, miss this one and it’s the bus station, square one and yet another season of unfulfilled promise.

Dr Xia needs to wake up and ring the bell!