On Sunday afternoon, Aston Villa defeated fierce local rivals Birmingham City  1-0, but the whole game was overshadowed by a cowardly attack on Villa captain Jack Grealish. 

With just ten minutes on the clock, a Birmingham City fan, who has since been identified as 27-year-old Paul Mitchell, ran onto the field and despicably punched Grealish in the back of the head. Grealish, although understandably shaken, was okay to carry on playing and he had the last laugh when he scored the winner in the 67th minute. 

Unbelievably, one of the stewards was also questioned by police as he allegedly kneed and kicked Grealish while he was celebrating his goal with his own fans. Although it is believed that he, unlike Mitchell, was later released without charge. 

Alex Davidson/Getty Images Sport

Mitchell spent the night in a police cell and he is due in court this afternoon to find out the punishment that will be meted out to him. It is expected that he will feel the full force of the law as a deterrent to others. 

But what about Birmingham City FC? What type of punishment should they receive for failing to protect the players on the pitch? 

Pundits such as Alan Shearer believe that the club should be docked points or be forced to play a large number of games behind closed door as an example needs to be made so that this type of incident never happens again. Phil Neville, who manages the England women’s team agreed with Shearer.

We were wondering what you think the punishment should be, so we have set up a poll below to find out. 

A points deduction

5-10 games played behind closed doors

A huge fine

All of the above