Aston Villa have many teams that they call their rivals, but who are their biggest enemies?

Villa are involved in many Midlands derbies, including clashes with West Brom and Wolves, alongside the traditional second city derby with Birmingham City.

However, Villa have also been involved in various rivalries with other teams down the years, including Coventry City and Manchester United.

However, who are Villa’s biggest rivals?

According to a recent tweet referring to ‘The League of Love and Hate’, looking at other Premier League team’s rivalries, it is very interesting to see which other teams are considered Villa’s rivals.

Here, we’ll look at several clubs that, according to the list, are considered one of Villa’s top five rival clubs.

Obviously, the number one spot goes to Birmingham City, but which other teams are considered rivals to the Villans?

We’ve looked here at the other teams that Villa aren’t fond of, according to the list.

Do you agree with who the list says are Villa's biggest rivals?