Aston Villa have finished fifth in a Sky Sports investigation to the most local team in England. The investigation was measured up to how far away the respective team’s players are from their home ground.

In the Premier League The Villans faired well with Norwich City taking the title of the most local players in their team with Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur then Aston Villa finishing respectively in that order to make the top five.

Villa’s players were found to be on average 935.5 miles from home. It may seem high, but in comparison to Manchester City or relegation rivals, Newcastle United it is very little with the latter having an average of 1440.8 miles and Manuel Pellegrini’s side racking up an incredible 3089.9 miles, the worst in the whole of England.

Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport

Out of the 92 teams between League Two and the Premier League, Remi Garde’s side finished in 70th place with a total mileage of 22,455 miles. Winners AFC Wimbledon had an average of 55 miles and an overall amount of only 1,201 miles.

Is there much to read into this? Spurs are the only top Premier League side to feature high in the league, with relegation threatened sides and Stoke City the teams up the top end for the Premier League.

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